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Why CharteredCPA

Why CharteredCPA

In today’s challenging business environment, companies are realising to conduct their business in a unique way. Outsourcing and cloud computing is becoming a norm. Geographical location is not an issue for a company. Strategic businesses prefer to outsource their non-core activities so that they can concentrate on significant core activities of their businesses. Businesses who want to stay competitive in today’s fast-moving environment are partnering with companies who can deliver on making them more efficient and subsequently more profitable.

CharteredCPA is a client-centric company. We believe in providing our services focusing the requirement of client. We analyse the present internal system of the business of the client and suggest the best cost effective system, either related to accounting/bookkeeping, payroll, taxation or any other account related thing. We gained our expertise by providing our professional services for various customers from various countries. We believe helping our client to concentrate in their core business and that’s why we take the burden of their accounting on us and make it hassle free for them.

Being accounting professionals, we believe in quality and professionalism. We believe in providing accurate and high quality services which made us build a streamlined internal control system which satisfies our client for quality work.

24/7 Support
Our professionals are available 24/7 for clients’ queries. We believe in taking minimum time to respond to the client. Our turnaround time for any assistance is 16 working hours and for quantitative requirements, depends on the variety of the work. Also, our web portal offers clients full time access to their current data and reports.
Cost effective
Account Outsourcing may help you for the saving the accounting cost. Many of our clients have recouped over 40% of their in-house accounting costs while simultaneously increasing efficiency. Also, training cost for in-house accounting experts and employees also decreases. Many businesses may not hire a Financial Controller because the salary is cost prohibitive. We have professionals who may work for you on hour basis. Our scalable services provides you Accounting Controller services when needed during key periods and then scale it back during non-peak periods at your discretion. This may save your full time professional cost.
Low attrition ratio
CharteredCPA is now a successful corporate entity known for highly trained and efficient employee base who delivers highest level of satisfaction to the clients. Presently, we have 15 professionals and 50 employees under CharteredCPA for Accounting Process Outsourcing. And till date we have low attrition ration which keeps client satisfy. A fixed professional will be much more efficient to the client than different professional time-to-time. Also, a fixed employee for a specific company will be much more efficient than an “overflow” professional who may work on numerous different businesses.
Being Professionals, we believe in Quality! And that’s the top criteria of service to be provided. We do not compromise in the quality in reports and services we provide. There is no space for errors in financials and reports. We believe in quality and that’s why the specialist provided to a particular client will not work for any other client. Once required reports are ready, it will be cross-checked three times on different levels. Also, the professional dedicated for a particular client will make sure the reports are accurate and as per client’s requirements. Dedicated professional will directly report to the authorized person in the client company. We have high retention ratio for keeping our client, who are absolutely satisfied with our services. It is very important for us to provide quality service, so once client outsource their work to us, stay with us forever.
As accountants and professionals ourselves we know that client data is sacrosanct. We sign a non disclosure document with the client in order to give legal protection to your data. Moreover, we take care that there are no loop holes by which data can be leaked. The data of client stays on main server which can be access through Login ID & Password only. Moreover, we do not allow employees to carry any data storage devices. Also, we only provide them diskless PCs so that Information cannot be transferred. We also make our project employees sign NDA for security purpose. Also, our premise is under CCTV camera surveillance, so we can record the activities of the employees. Our PCs also have screen recording software (Worksnaps) which records the desktop activities of employee. And this way we have full control over work. Policies are strictly followed at our company, and also read by the employees at timely intervals. We also keep a full time person to keep watch on the doings.
CharteredCPA have huge infrastructure for catering the client needs. We have around 150 person seating capacity. Also, we are expanding the CharteredCPA premise to a newer location which is sufficient to keep a thousand employees. We have high end software and technology to keep updated with the on goings in IT & Accounting field. Moreover, we have dedicated department for storage of data. For security, we have installed CCTV cameras to record the activities. Also, all the computers are installed with “Worksnap” which monitors the activity of the employees computer screen.
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